High on Crack Street: Lost Lives in Lowell


Watch the true story behind The Fighter in this riveting and critically acclaimed documentary, a harrowing documentary chronicling 18 months in the lives of three crackhouse friends whose addiction has let them to crime and despair. Brenda, Dicki and Boo-Boo have grown up in and around Lowell. Brenda was an aspiring actress; now she resorts to prostitution to pay for her crack addiction. "I love it more than anything. More than life itself. Yet I hate it worse than anything," says Brenda. Dicki was the "Pride of Lowell" a boxer who once fought Sugar Ray Leonard. He commits robberies to support his habit. Boo-Boo has spent the last twenty years smoking crack, shoplifting, and doing whatever he has to do to stay alive.


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The New Face of Heroin


Currently in Pre-production Development - Fundraising


There is a stigma attached to heroin addiction and that brings about silence, guilt and shame. Too many people consider addiction a moral issue. Our goal is to produce a documentary film shredding the stigma of heroin addiction.


Project Concept


Today, there is an entirely new face of heroin. This epidemic is killing white, educated children from two-parent homes in affluent suburbs all across America. In the United States alone, 144 people will succumb to an accidental overdose of heroin today.


Project  Timeline


The project will follow heroin addicts at different stages of their recovery for 18 months. In the 8-minute sample reel below, we have conducted interviews via Skype as an example of our access to the heroin epidemic. A struggling heroin addict and a parent who has lost a child to addiction will be included in the project


Project Goals


Similar to, High on Crack Street: Lost Lives in Lowell, the documentary film I directed and produced for HBO, this project will shadow the same Cinema verite artistic approach and uphold the production values suitable for the Sundance Film Festival.


Corporate Sponsors


Please contact us for more information on how your company can become a producing partner  on a project that will create enormous headway toward saving lives through hope and inspiration.






Non-profit 501c.3 Status

We are actively negotiating with several fully operational non-for-profit organizations that would umbrella The New Face of Heroin documentary film under their 501c.3.