The Pasta Loft Milford, NH Presents

WBU Champion of the World

Irish Micky Ward

Making Choices

Saturday October 13, 2018

Doors open at 3pm no cover charge.

Event starts at 4pm

Join Micky Ward along with Ritchie as they present a roadmap for healthy choices. Both Ward and Farrell grew up on the mean streets of Lowell and overcame incredible odds. Together they share life experience to inspire young adults and parents.





#1 Best Seller in "Drug Dependency" on Amazon!

“Blunt and honest…A stunning piece of work.”

- T.J.  English

NY Times Best Selling Author


Ritchie Farrell was a heroin addict. He grew up in Lowell, Massachusetts, the birthplace the textile revolution and the well-know home of “The Real Fighters,” WBA World Champion Irish Micky Ward and his brother Dickie Eklund. Farrell overcame incredible odds to win the du-Pont Columbia Award, arguably the highest a journalist can receive. His rise from the heroin filled streets of Lowell to the top can only be described as miraculous, heroic, and remarkable. Farrell’s amazing delivery catapults his audience towards the path of success.

Recovery Consulting

There’s no exact recipe that results in someone becoming a drug addict. We may start using drugs with friends as teenagers or young adults, or we were prescribed narcotics after an operation. After a period of time our drug use becomes habitual and we can’t stop. What used to be fun now becomes something we can’t imagine living without.



Breaking News

Ritchie Farrell teams up with World Boxing Champion, Micky Ward, from the Academy Award feature film, The Fighter. Their mission is to take on Addiction, Trauma, Sexual Abuse, and Domestic Violence in a MIND-BLOWING 50-minute program.


Farrell will write the Motivational Series and together they will barnstorm across America to deliver their message to Colleges, Corporations, Organizations, Seminars and Conventions.





Our mission statement is succinct and crystal clear.

We are in the business of saving lives.

“ Someone in America overdoses on opioids every 3 minutes. If you’re an opiate user it’s not if, it’s when. Heroin’s grip on its users is monstrous, if they’re in the early stages of recovery, there is a 90% chance they’ll relapse."


In October of 2015, I wrote an article for the Huffington Post titled, I am a Heroin Addict. It went viral. Frankly, it changed the direction of my life.

Recovery Consulting

Recovery Consulting

Recovery Consulting