Substance Abuse and Addiction Consultant


Hold On, Pain Ends

Individuals - Organization - Families


There’s no exact recipe that results in someone becoming a drug addict. We may start using drugs with friends as teenagers or young adults, or we were prescribed narcotics after an operation. After a period of time our drug use becomes habitual and we can’t stop. What used to be fun now becomes something we can’t imagine living without.


The toughest step towards recovery from addiction is deciding to make a change. Change isn’t easy for anyone, and when getting into recovery, many things need to change – who we associate with, how we spend our free time, and the ways we cope with stress are just a few things that need to change.



Ritchie will work with individuals at all stages of recovery. We are committed to helping the individuals who are

  • Contemplating or confused about getting clean and sober
  • Leaving residential treatment
  • Currently in sober living
  • Enrolled in an out-patient or day-patient program
  • Living in their own home
  • In the process of transitioning home from sober living or treatment.
  • Seeking help after a recent relapse.



Ritchie services organizational clients in both the private and public sector. He will act as a specialist partner in bringing vision and comprehensive strategies to life. This includes planning efforts, implementing performance measures and requirements to support excellence.


Ritchie can help you understand family dynamics, understand how emotions affect behavior within your family, teach you how to influence one another in positive ways and strengthen your bond.  We work to empower families and re-instill confidence within the system to effectively deal with challenges as they occur.  Just knowing that your family is achieving balance will alleviate pressure.

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